The vehicle is pre sprayed with traffic film remover and pressure washed to remove all mud, dirt and debris then the door apertures, wheels and arches are thoroughly cleaned and the whole vehicle is hand washed using quality wash mittens and foamy wash and wax solution, the vehicle is then rinsed clean with a rinse aid wax solution to give a good shine and then hand dried using top quality microfibre drying towels, a high gloss wax polish is then applied to the whole of the vehicles paint work and hand buffed to a mirror finish. The interior of the vehicle is then vacuumed thoroughly including the boot area, then seats, carpets and upholstery are shampooed using an odour neutralising, fresh smelling car shampoo, all compartments, seats and door pockets are cleaned and dressed, roof lining is cleaned, dash board is cleaned and dressed and left with a clean satin finish, windows are polished inside and out and tyres are dressed, Leather seats are also shampooed and then conditioned, finally an air freshener is introduced to ensure your vehicle stays smelling fresh and new. This valet usually takes around 3 hours to complete.